Special-purpose machinery

Our interdisciplinary teams design, construct, realize and validate innovative special-purpose machinery for a wide range of industrial applications and institutes.

Sorting system for the PVC window industry

Different types of PVC with varying stiffness specifications are used to make window profiles. However, since their chemical composition and physical properties are almost identical, it is impossible to sort these materials in recycling processes using standard techniques. POLYSECURE has developed a technology in which an inert, fluorescing trace substance is added to the PVC granules prior to the extrusion process. These obvious fluorescing properties enable the materials to be separated by the sorting machine with the aid of high-speed air jets. The machine has a high throughput speed and sorting accuracy, allowing practically closed material loops to be achieved.

The sorting machine we have developed together with our industrial partners POLYSECURE and IFA Fritz + Partner is the first of its kind on the market that consistently implements the innovative, marker-aided sorting concept from POLYSECURE.

Filter test bench

The system is designed to assess filter elements for leaks. The filter element is clamped mechanically, immersed in a test fluid and then then put under pressure. The quality of the filter element is determined by measuring the pressure difference when the first bubbles start to rise and the distribution of the bubbles when the pressure difference is increased.