Industrial Cleanliness

Cleanliness standards for components and assemblies are rising constantly. The standard laboratory analyses to assess technical cleanliness require a lot of time and labor. The results are often available only after several hours, sometimes even days. However, when it comes to high cleanliness requirements, fluctuations in quality need to be detected very quickly to allow for timely countermeasures.
Our solution for a fast and automated inspection of technical cleanliness of components and liquids is PuriCheck. PuriCheck works according to the recommendations of VDA 19.1 and the norm ISO 16232, but also offers our own improved image-processing algorithms in order to detect particles with a minimum size of 50 µm.
The PuriCheck technology is used in different products. For laboratory and production environments, we recommend our fully or partially automated cleanliness inspection systems. Ideally, PuriCheck is integrated into production lines, where it delivers almost real-time information about particulate impurities on just-manufactured components.
In cases where our inspection systems are not suitable, we also offer PuriCheck measurement cells to be integrated into cleanliness inspection systems, function test benches or cleaning systems
It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you at our facilities, where you can see for yourself how PuriCheck simplifies the routine assessment of technical cleanliness, be it in modified extraction systems from other manufactures or our own fully-integrated inspection systems.