PuriCheck software

The same software runs on all our systems for testing or determining technical cleanliness. The software offers a wide range of configuration options and can still be operated intuitively and after a short training period. Individual measurements in the laboratory with extensive intervention options can be implemented as well as the complete automation of cleanliness inspections integrated with a production line.

Benefits and possibilities:

  • freely programmable processes
  • freely configurable particle size classes
  • freely configurable inspection conditions
  • freely configurable cleaning procedures (applies only to PuriCheck-XL)
  • compatible with the specifications of VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232
  • password-protected user levels
  • useable via touchscreen
  • plenty of data formats: measurement results as CSV (for spreadsheet programs), DFQ files (for Q-STAT software), configurable inspection report as PDF, pictures as JPG
  • lots of options for data export: internal drives (hard disks, SDD), external drives (USB sticks), network drives, printers
  • Interface for external control