PuriCheck-XL is the name for fully and partially automated inspection systems for technical cleanliness, i.e. these inspection systems estimate the amount of particles on the surface of given test specimen like e.g. metal or plastic parts that have just been produced. The inspection process is mostly according to VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232, but all three steps of the procedure to determine the technical cleanliness (1. extraction, 2. filtration, 3. analysis) are performed on the same system. Combined with the automation of the process, this usually leads to a considerably shorter analysis time and massive savings on labor time.  
Different options are available. The cleaning of the test specimen can be done manually or automatically. Manual cleaning is done just the same way as with well-known extraction systems, serveral different nozzles are available. Automatic cleaning is done by spraying nozzles integrated into the cleaning chamber. Additionally, flooding and ultra-sonic cleaning are possible. The whole cleaning procedure is freely programmable. Loading of the cleaning chamber with the test specimen can be done manually or automated as well.
During the cleaning, the particles that were initially on the test specimen are filtered out of the cleaning fluid. Once the cleaning is finished, particles are optically measured. The measurement results are a list of the particles, their size as minimum and maximum Feret’s diameter, and their gloss. All this information is saved together with a range of images. In order to be fully integrated into production lines, the PuriCheck inspection system provides an interface for data transfer and external control.

PuriCheck technology

PuriCheck-XL integrates the well-proven PuriCheck measurement cells and software, and thus offers the following advantages:

  • fully or partially automated process, little training required, extremely little work to be done
  • measurement results available in little time, sometimes in less than 5 minutes
  • good reproducibility of the inspection process due to little influence of the operator
  • recipes for the different test specimen, you can configure e.g. the cleaning process, the inspection criteria, particle size classes
  • digital image processing according to VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232 or with our own improved algorithms
  • optionally, estimation of metal gloss to differentiate between metal and non-metal particles
  • very little contamination from the environment, thus very low blank values
  • Due to the enormous savings in working time, the use of PuriCheck-XL usually pays for itself from as little as 1 or 2 inspections per day

Configurations and options

PuriCheck-XL inspection systems are highly configurable and always are adapted to the requirements of our clients:

  • Cleaning chambers measuring from as low as 10 cm up to 100 cm, or even more
  • manual or automatic cleaning, or even both
  • cleaning fluid: several tensidic or organic agents, and more
  • particle size ranging from 50 µm to 4000 µm
  • volume flow rate ranging from 1 l/min up to at least 30 l/min
  • cycle times starting at 1 min
  • manual or automated loading (using a robot) possible