PuriCheck-S – an add-on for extraction systems to automate the particle size analysis

PuriCheck-S is the solution to combine the advantages of an automated particle size analysis and a manual cleaning in an extraction system in order to get semi-automated inspections of technical cleanliness according to VDA 19.1 or ISO 16232.

For many applications, we recommend fully automated cleanliness inspections using our PuriCheck-XL inspection systems. However, in some cases an automated extraction is not viable, and a manual particle extraction is more suitable. This may be true if the test parts vary a lot geometrically or if the test parts have complex geometries.
In these scenarios, PuriCheck-S allows for a semi-automated cleanliness inspection by taking over the filtration of the cleaning agent and the particle microscopy. To that end, PuriChecks is connected (only) to the filter clamp of the extraction system and configured for the given type of extraction system. No (irreversible) change to the extraction system is necessary. PuriCheck-S recognizes begin and end of the particle extraction cycle, without any interference from the operator. Only 1 min after the particle extraction was finished, PuriCheck-S gives the inspection result. The duration of a full inspection is thus reduced from about 1 or 2 hours down to 10 or 20 min. Should the inspection specification not allow for the usage of a particle analysis through PuriCheck, PuriCheck-S can still be used for blank value checks. Switching between analysis filter and PuriCheck-S is possible any time and quickly. Due to the considerable reduction in working hours, PuriCheck-S usually pays for itself from as little as 1 or 2 inspections per day.

The picture shows a PuriCheck-S connected to a DSS2 from CleanPartner, yet PuriCheck-S works with extraction systems from all common manufacturers.

Apart from extraction systems, PuriCheck-S can be used just as well for other applications, where particles in a fluid are to be detected and measured, e.g. for cleanliness and function test benches in production lines or for the monitoring of baths and cleaning systems.