PuriCheck measurement cells

The full potential of automated systems for technical cleanliness inspection is put into effect if they are integrated into production lines. Then, cleanliness inspections are done without any delay and within minutes, without any human influence and around the clock.
In many cases, the easiest way to integrate PuriCheck into a production line is to add one of our fully automated cleanliness inspection systems and a robot for the loading and unloading of the inspection system.
Alternatively, it can make sense to use only PuriCheck measurement cells, if a function test bench is already present or planned anyways (e.g. a test bench that pumps a fluid through the parts of interest). PuriCheck cells can be an option too, if a particular cleaning process is necessary that cannot be implemented with the PuriCheck inspection systems.

Industrial application (Example 1)

Process-integrated monitoring of a multi-step pressure-cleaning system that uses an aqueous medium

Special features/advantages:

  • Automated sample-taking of representative media samples via a bypass
  • Sampling step after each batch has been cleaned -> continuous process monitoring without laboratory testing times
  • Conclusions can be drawn directly about the cleanliness of the components via the cleanliness level of the media
  • Can be retrofitted as a stand-alone solution for existing cleaning systems


Industrial application (Example 2)

Analysis of the cleanliness of the rinsing medium hydrocarbon after final assembly and functional tests

Special features/advantages:

  • 100 % quality check of a cleanliness-critical aggregate after final assembly
  • Analysis of the complete rinsing volume
  • Single component inspection
  • Direct identification of NIO parts
  • Indirect monitoring of the process stability of pre-processes
  • Full integration into existing test benches