What makes our hydrocyclones so special?

  • Our cyclones are individually calculated and designed to customer specifications. The dimensions, geometry, flow rate and separation efficiency are always optimally adapted to your application requirements.
  • Our cyclones are manufactured and assembled by us on our premises.
  • Extensive experience in designing hydrocyclones.
  • Design, construction, production and validation of the processing system - all from one source

Key technical data on our hydrocyclones

  • Overall separation efficiency up to 98%
     Separation efficiency in relation to particle size
     10 µm up to 90 %
     30 µm up to 95 %
     100 µm up to 99 %

Our range of services

  • Assessment of the status quo of existing systems, determination of actual separation efficiency, flow rate, etc.
  • Optimization of existing systems
  • Conception and design of new systems
  • Validation of hydrocyclone units on-site

Current industrial application

Processing cleaning media from pre-coating treatment processes using individually-adapted multicyclone batteries.