Special cleaning systems

Beside our systems and devices to determine the cleanliness of components, we also offer individual, custom-tailored cleaning systems for special requirements. Elaborate advice from our experts is understood. You can take advantage not only of our many years of experience in the fields of cleaning systems, measurement of cleanliness and special-purpose machinery manufacture, but also of our internal manufacture and assembly department and our extensive network of partners in  manufacturing, research and development in industry and public institutions.
The following cleaning system was developed and built by us for a customer:

Example: 3D inspection of technical cleanliness of very large components

Particularly for very large components with a complex geometry, determining the technical cleanliness can be difficult. With common extraction systems, the outer dimensions and the weight of the components to be tested are critical and limiting factors.
For Fraunhofer IPA, we realised a special cleaning and particle extraction system for very large and heavy components. The system is equipped with a modified industrial robot, which rinses and sprays the components automatically.